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inspiring confidence to help
create a path to a happier existence.

Magnificent Words To Live By

By Hamilton Brower and Annette Parker Martin

Magnificent Words To Live By is an inspirational collection of character traits and values. One for each letter of the alphabet. The essence of each word is explored with familiar rhyme and meter through the use of a 12-line poem. The meaning of each word is viewed from a variety of angles, and in doing so, the magic behind seemingly ordinary words is exposed and brought to light creating magnificent results.
Through these entertaining and uplifting descriptions, we hope to inspire confidence and help to create a path to a happier existence. The more we incorporate the essence of positive words and concepts in our vocabularies, the more we arm ourselves with the self-confidence to face the challenges of our world.
Each poem is coupled with a striking photograph that enhances the essence of the character trait that is being explored and provides a bright, contemporary tone for our book.

Magnificent Words To Live By is the 2013 Winner of the Best Motivational Book by the Next Generation’s Indie Book Awards of North America

Book Samples

Here are some sample pages from the book.